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Lighter, longer lasting, more aesthetic products with composite materials


Composite materials, which are inevitable materials of our century, are preferred because they adapt to various atmospheric conditions and harsh environments. Better protection can be obtained with less, thinner material, lighter parts can be removed from molds and special surface textures can be obtained.


  • Hot, cold (-40 ° to + 120 ° C resistance) sunlight, moisture, sand, water, salty, chlorinated water, etc. NOT AFFECTED by outdoor conditions!
  • It DOES NOT REQUIRE maintenance other than polishing the outer surface with clear wood varnish every 2-3 years!
  • Thanks to its high strength, the material is durable and CANNOT be deformed!
  • NOT affected by cleaners and abrasives!
  • Discoloration, stain, scratches are NOT SEEN!
  • NO mildew, fungus, rot, or splinter!


  • Thanks to its aesthetic wood appearance, the pattern is NOT separated from the material!
  • It provides production possibilities according to Ral and NCS colors and a variety of colors and patterns. (It offers endless pattern, color, and logo options with a vinyl coating.)


  • It is 400% lighter than steel of the same size and 30% lighter than aluminum.
  • It provides portability and easy installation.


Wave Flowerpot

Composite Academy provides Wave Flower Pot with its long-lasting composite solution for garden designs with its durability and lightness to humid conditions.


CompDesk is designed for indoor and outdoor use with its decorative design, it’s light and durable, as well as its stain-free surface feature.

Flowerpot Bench

Composite Academy offers decorative composite garden furniture with its Flower Pot Bench, which is extremely resistant to outdoor conditions such as heat, light, moisture, and water, and with different color and size options.


With CompoSit, Composite Academy offers modern composite and portable footstool designs that keep functionality at the maximum level thanks to its light and durable structure.

Wave Bench

With the Wave Bench, Composite Academy offers furniture comfort with its durability and lightness to indoor and outdoor conditions such as parks, gardens, beaches, shopping malls, offices, and fairgrounds, while it takes up less space and creates multiple seating areas.



Composite Academy offers the opportunity to charge electronic devices with solar energy in parks and gardens with Enerjiya series products. Thanks to its various colors and patterns, it is used as a toy decor in outdoor areas.

Helicopter Bed

Composite Academy offers the Helicopter Bed a composite design that kids will want to sleep in. Thanks to its lightness, it provides ease of transportation and gives the opportunity to renew the decoration of the room.


Composite Academy offers a long-lasting colorful toy world with CompPark. Thanks to its portable installation, ease of transportation, functional and high strength, it provides safe and reliable use.



Composite Academy combines Pergola with natural appearance with high strength, providing trouble-free service for many years. It offers a wood-looking canopy design that provides great savings in the medium and long term.


CompBank is environmentally friendly and designed using 90% PE-based recycled material. With its resistance to outdoor conditions, it requires very little maintenance and is compatible with the city landscape.

Recycle Bins

Composite Academy offers you economical solutions with its Recycling Boxes, colorful parks, light, and long-lasting composite boxes, and its structure that does not require much maintenance.


Soundproof Cabin

Composite Academy provides you the silence you need with its professional sound insulation systems in places where silence is needed such as open offices, restaurants, cafes, audio-visual recording areas with its Soundproof Cabinet design.


Composite Academy offers a functional composite wall panel design with CompDekor, thanks to the ease of installation and maintenance in interior design. It provides decorative diversity with its resistance to indoor and outdoor conditions and the possibility of changing color/pattern.



With its composite beach umbrella made of natural reed profiles called Sunbrella, which does not require almost any maintenance, does not have problems like steel and other metal-based umbrellas, and has a long life, Composite Academy brings your return on investment to the highest level.


With SafeBox, Kompozit Akademi offers a practical and aesthetic composite solution with an electronic lock, which allows customers to protect their personal belongings, on the beach and pool sides. Thanks to its resistance against effective abrasives, it preserves its aesthetic surface properties for a long time.